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Amiens Cathedral Clock

The Project: Amiens Cathedral Clock
Medium: Wood Scroll Sawing
By: Bob Weikel
The art of Scroll sawing has become a part of many lives, some as a hobby and some as income producing pastime. But
to Bob Weikel of Fort Wayne, Indiana, it’s a way of life. After many years in the construction industry, Bob in his early 80’s decided to take on the construction of the Amiens Cathedral (Scroll saw version of course).

He claims he
did it in just over 200 hours, but he won’t tell us his definition of the word JUST! You can contact Bob through

Bob used the following tools for this project:

  • Scroll saw
  • Olson Blades
  • Small drill bits
  • Power drill or Dremel tool
  • Wood (Bob used walnut and some maple)
  • Handi-Bond Super Glue
  • Pattern
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Behlens Scroll Saw
  • Spray-Cote
  • Wesminster chime movement
All of the tools are available for purchase through OakTreeSupplies. Please email them at to request a quote or more information on the project.

Pieces such as the Amiens Cathedral clock and Bob’s memorable Gettysburg Address are wonderful examples of detailed
scroll saw work.
(see last month's Pyrography project)

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