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Basic GRR-RIPPER + DVD - Microjig - OakTree Supplies


  • $ 5995

The GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock provides three directions of force – giving you superior precision, control and safety.

1. DOWNWARD Virtually eliminates kickback

2. INWARD Keeps stock firmly against the fence

3. FORWARD Controls and feeds both sides of the stock for cleaner cuts

Unbelievable gripping power with Green GRR-RIP®.

Green GRR-RIP is the proprietary non-slip material that gives you superior gripping power over workpieces and materials such as oak, cherry, walnut, ebony, pine, poplar, maple, plastics and aluminum. Treaded grooves provide increased traction on the workpiece even with sawdust. Easily cleaned with denatured or rubbing alcohol.

Precisely safe. Safely precise.

Precision, control and safety. The GRR-RIPPER acts as a Moving-Blade-Guard for total hand protection. Adjustable Center Leg allows for adjusting to control the off cut piece and preventing wood burn. The 1/4” Leg controls the keeper piece. Balance Support stabilizes small and narrow workpieces. Fully adjustable to allow for a myriad of uses.

Versatility – table saws, bandsaws, router tables, jointers and more.

Long stock on jointers, freehand routing, veneer on bandsaws, work small and narrow workpieces on the table saw. The GRR-RIPPER brings possibilities to your favorite woodworking machinery with over 30 different uses. Gives you the confidence to build something memorable.