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Dust Deputy® 10 Gal. Deluxe

  • $ 17400

The Dust Deputy Deluxe Kit has everything you need to get started collecting 99% of all the wood dust and debris before it enters your dust collector.  Not only do these cyclone kits save you time emptying bags and filters, they also save money by drastically reducing the number of bags and filters you need to buy.

This kit contains:

  • 14" tall Dust Deputy® Cyclone – Injection molded from anti-static resin
  • Black 10 Gallon Steel Drum with ring clamp (with locking lever) and lid (with pre-cut cyclone & bolt holes)
  • Drum dolly frame with 4 free-rotating caster wheels
  • Tapered 2" inlet and outlet ports on cyclone to accommodate a wide variety of hose diameters and sizes
  • 5.5 ft of 2.5" Static Dissipative Flex Hose
  • Static Conductive Copper Foil Tape (for additional grounding)
  • Foam gasket and mounting hardware

This size cyclone is ideal for Shop-Vac-type vacuums and Festool dust collectors.  For higher CFM dust collectors with 4" ports or larger, check out the Super Dust Deputy.

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