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H. Behlen Qualasole Padding Finish - H. Behlen - OakTree Supplies

H. Behlen Qualasole Padding Finish

  • $ 1595

The modern “French Polish" Qualasole™ is an invaluable product in the cabinet finishing department. No oil is required when french polishing, padding, touching up, or renovating. Qualasole™ is applied with a pad in the same manner as french polishing either to raw wood or over any cured shellac, varnish, lacquer, paint or enamel finish. A superior and more durable effect is obtained in one tenth the time as compared to the old method. Qualasole™ affects speedy, permanent, new finishes or renovations which do not show press marks after handling or transportation. It produces a beautiful appearance that improves with age. Qualasole™ accentuates the grain and natural markings in wood.

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