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H. Behlen Salad Bowl Finish - H. Behlen - OakTree Supplies

H. Behlen Salad Bowl Finish

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Behlen Salad Bowl Finish has been specially formulated to allow for the following statement. "This product contains FDA regulated ingredients complying with 21 CFR 175.300." and therefore achieves a nontoxic, safe for food contact (in its cured state) finish. Behlen Salad Bowl Finish has the application ease of an oil finish (just use a clean white cloth) and the film building and sheen producing (up to a satin) qualities of a varnish. Wooden bowls, wooden utensils, butcher blocks (not intended for cutting boards or cutting blocks) and recreational related objects (games, puzzles, pull toys) when finished with Salad Bowl Finish may be used in contact with foods. To insure that materials coated with Salad Bowl Finish may be used in contact with food, one must follow label directions.

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