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H. Behlen Water Base Grain Filler - 1 Quart - H. Behlen - OakTree Supplies

H. Behlen Water Base Grain Filler - 1 Quart

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Behlen Water Base Grain Filler has been designed to allow the professional or home craftsman to create a smooth, closed grain surface on open grain woods like oak, mahogany and cherry. It applies easily, levels smoothly, dries quickly (usually in 2 to 3 hours) and sands to a finishing grit smoothness. It accepts any Behlen waterborne or solvent base stain or finish. Allow overnight dry time if using solvent base stains and finishes. Behlen Water Base Grain Filler is environmentally friendly since it is low in VOC’s, nonflammable, and cleans up with warm water and detergents. It is available in three grain enhancing shades.

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