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HTC Extra Long Length Carbide End Mill  TIN Ball

HTC Extra Long Length Carbide End Mill TIN Ball

  • $ 1733

Sizing description: Cutting Diameter x Flute Length x Overall Length 

The titanium nitride coating is bright gold in color with a surface of 81Rc and a 0.4 coefficient of friction. TiN has very good corrosion resistance, heat transmission and excellent wear resistance with a wide range of materials, including iron based materials, hardened steels and stainless. Forming operations can expect a decrease in UB galling and welding of work piece material with a corresponding improvement in surface finish of the formed part. Increased tool life can run 3 to 8 times greater with increased feeds and speeds (finished parts per hour) longer tool life and feeds & speeds depend upon the application, coolant, and other conditions.

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