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HTC Standard Length Carbide Ball End Mill ALTiN 3 Flute

  • $ 1190

Sizing description: Cutting Diameter x Flute Length x Overall Length 

The tribologists and chemists of HTC all created a new coating, a special kind of coating; one that works like ALTiN, but better-HTC-hard coat. The HTC hard coat is a shiny dark navy blue in color. The outer layer is a sacrificial solid-state lubricant, which covers the super hard base layer of hard coat. This unique coating targets dry or near-dry machining applications. The lubricant layer provides superior lubricationing effects as well as outstanding tribological properties. It protects tools against material-welding. The smooth surface helps improve chip flow thermal stresses within the cutting tool are dramatically reduced due to low heat conductivity, which forces the heat to be carried off with the chip.

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