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Mid-Size Carbide Turning Tools

  • $ 11999

The listed price above is per tool.

100% made in America!

The Easy Rougher uses a square carbide cutter that is designed to be kept flat on the tool rest and level to the floor.  Use the Easy Rougher to quickly remove large amounts of material without having to stop to sharpen the tool frequently. When the cutting action of the insert is no longer acceptable, simply rotate the insert 90 degrees to expose a fresh, sharp edge.


The Easy Finisher uses a round carbide insert that works great for the inside of bowls, or on spindle work. The Easy Finisher is also great when used to shape your project once you get it round, just keep is flat on the tool rest and level to the floor while cutting.


The Easy Detailer uses a diamond shaped cutter that is great for putting in accent lines or getting into areas where the other tools won't fit. 

Maple Handle - 14"
Tool Bar - 3/8" x 7"
Overall Length - 21"
Max Reach 3"