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MJ SPLITTER SteelPro Kit - Microjig - OakTree Supplies


  • $ 3995

Simplicity You can Appreciate. The Fool-Proof Splitter

Meet the next generation of splitters. Our award-winning MJ Splitters™ are simple, but effective. The set-up could not be easier. We provide a user-friendly installation drill template—we even provide the drill bit. So simple to install it’s foolproof. But, its our Plug N’ Play concept that will make sure you keep using your splitter. Remove and remount your MJ Splitter™ to your zero-clearance insert (ZCI) in 2 seconds. Finally, a splitter that is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to align for the table saw. So, now you quickly remove your splitter and plug it back in when you need it—perfectly aligned, every time.

Our patented technology allows our splitters to control the pressure on the keeper piece by the thousands-of-an-inch. With this technology on your table saw, you will improve the quality of your cuts and you will feel much safer working with trickier types of materials.