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Woodpecker's Cross Doweling Jig

  • $ 3499

Of all the knock-down joinery in use today, none hold a candle to the strength of cross dowel joints.

Woodpeckers new precision machined cross dowel drilling jig makes using cross dowels easier than ever. No more costly misaligned holes or incorrect spacing. It features solid aluminum body with stainless steel guide bushings.

With this simple drill guide and two drill bits you'll be able to drill both holes in perfect intersecting alignment. The Woodpeckers drill guide features two screw length offsets for different dowel locations, 3/4" and 1”. The table below shows the typical screw length for each offset. Keep in mind that the thickness of the panel will influence what lengthy screw to use. For instance if the panel is 3/4" thick and you'll be using the 1” offset, you'll need a screw at least 2” long.

Properly created cross dowel joints have incredible clamping force and great shear strength. They can be made with standard hardware as well as cosmetically professional looking connector bolts in a variety of finishes.

This high quality American made tool is designed for use with #10 or 1/4" bolts and matching cross dowels. Two drill bits are required, 1/4" and 7/16”. Brad point drills are preferable.